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Tree PLanting

KoalA - Phascolarctos cinereus

conservation status: endangered  (QLD, NSW, ACT)

The koala populations of Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory were listed as endangered in February 2022. 

Hats off to everyone who volunteers their time to help save the endangered wildlife across the country and around the world. Thank you! There is nothing more rewarding than a day planting trees to help build koala corridors. The organisers have this so well planned that novices like me can show up with everything laid out so we just have to use our hands and physical ability to help out and plant the trees. 

I find it devastating to see we put freeways 'as progress' in front of nature. On mass, the human species takes so much and returns so little. 

Everything you offer helps. Next time you see a request for planting trees or anything in your area to help sustain nature, if you're not sure if you should go, do. You will be amongst strangers who come together for something that they all care about = you are not strangers at all. 

Conservation Status:

Endangered / Declining 


Image Location: Byron Shire

koala tree planting March 201426032014_0000.png
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