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Rescue of Turtle Hatchlings in Byron Bay

CAUTION: Images show some hatchlings which are deceased. This may be disturbing to some viewers. The purpose of sharing these images is to educate the truth re the vulnerability of this species and their difficulty in surviving.




65 Hatchlings Saved

loggerhead turtle 

conservation status: endangered

The leatherback, loggerhead and olive ridley turtle are each listed as endangered under the EPBC Act which means that these species may become extinct if the threats to their survival continue. The green, hawksbill and flatback turtle are each listed as vulnerable which means that they may become endangered if threats continue. 



I was jogging on the Beach when I unexpectedly came across a hatchling struggling to make it to the waterline. I found another, and another. Eventually I collected 6 hatchlings, all struggling to survive. I hoped I had collected them all. They were exhausted and I wasn't sure if they would make it. I carried them to the National Parks and Wildlife Service Offices located within the park. One hatchling tried to bite my thumb with its only front tooth. The one they use to break open their shell when they are born. I spoke to them gently to let them know they were safe and I was doing all I could to save and protect them.

NPWS were fantastic as expected. They took the hatchlings and called Australian Seabird Wildlife Rescue. Later that day they went to check a nest they had found 3 months earlier. The sand had come in so high, there was a fear that others would not make it out of the nest alive. 65 hatchlings were saved that day and transferred for rehabilitated before being released into the ocean (see press release below)

The unhatched eggs were left in the nest to see if any would hatch further. I requested to go along and help when the Rangers went to check on these nest. The fear was none had survived. Only one had developed to hatchling size and was alive. We documented the state of the nest and unhatched eggs for research purposes. I was heartbroken to see these little beings had not survived. It was mixed blessings we had saved some and these were lost. It was powerful to be a witness to this cycle of life. 


While I had previously seen turtle tracks on Tallow Beach I had not seen a nest or hatchlings before. It lead me to become a volunteer during the Turtle season and to want to donate money to the tireless work this group does to keep the Australian Marine Wildlife from becoming extinct. 


Conservation Status:

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Source: Australian Government. Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Image Capture: April 2018

Image Location: Byron-Tweed Area, NSW, Australia


Rescue of stranded turtle in Cosy Corner on Tallow Beach, Byron Bay Australia

Turtle rescue
1 Turtle Saved


This morning something pulled me to walk to Cosy Corner on Tallow Beach and I am so grateful it did. Was quiet because of the rains and fierce storm expected today and as I was walking and picking up the rubbish that had come in, I came across this little one. In serious bad shape and I thought maybe was not alive. Thankfully it opened its eyes and there was some laboured breathing. No other movement. Big thanks to Fin the Lifeguard (Surf Life Saving NSW) who I saw in the distance and he phoned for help. I sat with this one for over an hour until help arrived. Thanks to Australian Seabird Rescue Inc who always show up and for their tireless work.

Image Capture: January 2021

Image Location: Cosy Corner, Tallow

Image By: Fin (Lifeguard on duty)


loggerhead#3press release turtles byron


Fever of stingray

Fever of stingrays, Wategos Byron Bay Australia

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