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CAUTION: Images show dolphins engaging in reproductive activity. 

dolphins mating

bottlenose dolphin 

conservation status: protected

All dolphins are a protected species in Australian waters. Some dolphins (eg: bottlenose dolphins) are relatively common while other dolphins are unique to Australia and vulnerable to extinction, such as the snubfin dolphin and Australian humpback dolphin.


This day, I felt guided to walk to Little Wategos and the most Easterly Point of Australia. It wasn't long before I saw the dolphins right in front of me. They were so playful. I thought they must be either fishing or playing because they darted around together, jumping and splashing in the water at some points they seemed more aggressive as if fighting perhaps. 

The pod  kept 'playing' together. I ran after them as they swam from Little Wategoes to The Pass. I followed them for 1 and 1/2 hours. I felt so lucky to have them so close. At The Pass they frolicked with a few surfers only metres away. 


It didn't enter my head that they were mating. In fact I didn't realise the dolphins were mating until I was at home, when I was viewing my images later and then I saw what I had captured.

Three months later I was fortunate to again witness a similar experience and have again since then.

Conservation Status:

Source: Australian Marine Conservation Society


Images Captured: April 2020

Image Location: The Easterly Point to The Pass, Australia

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