Limited Edition Archival Print


Limited Edition of 99     100cm x 67cm       AUD   899

Limited Edition of 49     120cm x 80cm       AUD 1499

Limited Edition of 10     150cm x 100cm     AUD 2499



  • Pacific Ocean / Lennox Coastline - Australia

    Watching the humpback whales head home during the southern migration is a powerful experience no matter how many times I witness it. Every whale I see fills me with awe. This whale was content to swim alongside the boat. I had hoped to capture a whale with the coast in the background as mostly I see them surrounded by ocean, further out along the EAC. To see this whale pass alonside the headlands and coast seems to connect us all. This is a small part of their 5000km route home to Antartica along the Lennox Head to Ballina coastline. Sacred land. Sacred water.