'LICORICE' Breach (mono)

'LICORICE' Breach (mono)

Limited Edition Archival Print


Limited Edition of 99     100cm x 67cm       AUD   899

Limited Edition of 49     120cm x 80cm       AUD 1499

Limited Edition of 10     150cm x 100cm     AUD 2499



  • Pacific Ocean - Ballina (Byron Bay) NSW. Australia

    I named this one 'Licorice' because it is rare to see a full black bellied humpback whale in the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean, they are usually a combination of black and white. Full black bellied whales live mostly in northern waters. This calf, about 4 weeks old, stole the show. It's mum had breached a few times and then this little one leapt out again and again, as if mimicking her and saying "I can do it too". At one point it launced a full horizontal breach, and then suprised us breaching directly in front. It playfully popped up before heading to it's new home. I will be looking out For Licorice every year.