Limited Edition Archival Print


Limited Edition of 99     100cm x 67cm       AUD   899

Limited Edition of 49     120cm x 80cm       AUD 1499

Limited Edition of 10     150cm x 100cm     AUD 2499



  • 'Fisherman's Lookout'. The Pass - Byron Bay

    The Osprey was in the distance perched on a branch. Knowing he could sit there for hours I was hoping it might fly over. They often swept past these rock formations looking for fish to catch.  A fellow photographer happened to come up the steps and start a conversation. In the back of my mind I thought 'I bet he flies by now when I'm chatting, and I miss him'. It's exactly what happened and I was caught off guard, yet I managed to capture this image of it's beauty and grace against the sea. I can see the dance and majesty of the Osprey here in low flight, with the ocean beneath him less than 1m deep.